Gratitude is the number 1 tool to transform your life, I know this sounds very cliché, but gratitude works.

In fact, according to a leading researcher on gratitude Robert Emmons, in his new book, Gratitude Works, he found the key trick to gratitude is journaling. Journaling helps you uncover personal insights about yourself, which can really help you undo any negative patterns you have and trust me we all have them. And when you journal regularly you really develop discipline and discipline is also great for following through and getting things done and achieving results. These 2 benefits don’t come from just thinking about gratitude.

To get the most out of gratitude we have got to get specific and that means way more depth. The University of Southern California did a 10-week study on gratitude with 3 groups.

1st Group were generalists. They wrote done 5 general things a day they were grateful for.

Eg. I am grateful for my job, my partner, my friends etc

The 2nd group got specific. They picked one thing a day and wrote 5 sentences about it.

Eg. I am grateful for my job because I enjoy working with my co-workers.
My boss is very understanding and patient.
My role is challenging.
My job allows me to work from home one day a week.
I get paid well for the work I do.

Finally the 3rd group wrote about ways which they were better off than other people.

The results showed the 2nd group were more elated, excited, and alert than the other groups. They were also less sad, tired and lethargic.

The bottom line is in the details. When it comes to gratitude the dividends are in the details.

If you haven’t journaled your gratitude before, try it. You have nothing to lose.