Gambling Counselling

Is Your Gambling Becoming a Problem?

If you have been gambling more than you can afford for too long then you may have a gambling addiction.

Counselling with one of Amima’s gambling therapists in Brisbane can help you to manage the problem and sort out any resulting issues such as mending relationships and setting new budgets for your income.

Make the decision to take control of your gambling and call us now. It will only take a few sessions to have a real positive impact on your life.

Our Brisbane Gambling Counsellors can show you how to:
  • Determine the extent of your gambling problem.
  • Help you to understand your gambling addiction.
  • Discover what is really behind your gambling.
  • Mend issues with friends and loved ones.
  • Beat problem bahaviours such as gambling, drugs and alcohol.
  • Manage, reduce or stop your gambling and gaming before it is too late.
What Type of Gambling Counselling Do We Offer?

Our qualified, professional and experienced gambling counsellors at Amima Counselling Centre can provide general gambling counselling, gaming counselling, pokies counselling, casino counselling and general betting counselling for people who are struggling with their gambling habits.

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