Do you struggle in social situations?

Amima’s Brisbane Social Anxiety Counsellors Can Help.

Do You Feel Awkward and Self Conscious When You Go Out?
Do you feel anxiety in social situations?
Does the anxiety or fear of rejection block you from spending time with others?

If so, Amima’s professional social anxiety counsellors in Brisbane can help you.

What is Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety is the fear of social situations, like attending a party or a group for dinner, or performance situations like giving a speech or acting in a play. Social anxiety can be detrimental for it’s sufferers. It can stand in the way of speaking up at work, meeting new people, having fulfilling relationships, and enjoying social gatherings.

Some commonly feared situations:

  • Introducing yourself to a stranger
  • Speaking up at meetings
  • Asking someone on a date
  • Eating or writing in public
  • Talking with an authority figure of a boss
  • Giving speeches and presentations

Amima’s Brisbane Counsellors can show you how to:

  • Identify and address issues
  • Improve your self worth, confidence and hope
  • Decrease social anxiety symptoms

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