Looking for an effective Employment Assistance Program (EAP) in Brisbane?

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Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Do you want to improve your organisation’s employees’ psychological health?

Do you want to create a workplace in which employees:

  • Feel personally and emotionally bound to the organisation.
  • Feel pride in recommending the organisation as a good place to work to other people.
  • Feel a close attachment to the values, ethics and actions embodied by the organisation.

Why Start an Employee Assistance (EAP) Program?

The purpose of an Employee Assistance Program is to improve the psychological health of your employees. It will help staff develop coping skills and accept a greater degree of personal responsibility. It will help them resolve their personal, marital, family and job problems. As a result, their productivity and attendance will improve. Staff turnover can be reduced and demand for job vacancies can improve as a result.

By establishing an EAP your managers, supervisors and human resources staff will be able to focus on work performance. Thus, no longer feel the need to struggle with the personal problems of their staff.

Our EAP programs at Amima are flexible and tailored to the needs our customers. Each EAP program is designed to suit individual organisations and their staff with input from your organisations’ human resources staff encouraged and welcomed during the design and planning process.

Give us a call on (07) 3161 4377 to discuss how we can design a comprehensive, valuable and flexible Employment Assistance Program (EAP) for your organisation.

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