Alcohol Counselling

If you find it hard to stop drinking when you are out or you feel like you are drinking too much too often then you might have a drinking problem or alcohol addiction.

Problem drinking can creep up on you. In Australia it is socially acceptable to drink alcohol. It is advertised on television and in the newspapers and it is sold in pubs, restaurants and bottle shops all around the country.

Many of us grew up around alcohol at family barbecues, parties, sports events and holidays. However, for some, drinking becomes too frequent of an event and they sooner or later decide to cut down on their drinking or stop all together.

This can be a very difficult task to take on alone. Many people don’t want to tell their friends, family or work colleagues that they have a drinking problem so they either try and go it alone or seek help from experienced services such as Amima Counselling Brisbane.

Give us a call and have a free 15 minute informal chat with one of our confidential, professional and friendly counsellors today. We can help you to get started or point you in the right direction should you want to go it alone. We are here to help.

Start to get back in control of your drinking.

Our Brisbane Alcohol Counsellors can show you how to:
  • Determine the extent of your drinking problem.
  • Help you to understand your behaviour around alcohol.
  • Discover what is really behind your drinking.
  • Mend issues with friends and loved ones.
  • Beat problem behaviours such as gambling, drugs and arguments.
  • Manage, reduce or stop your drinking before it is too late.
Why Choose Amima’s Alcohol Counsellors to Help You Get in Control?
  • 100% Confidential
  • We really understand drinking problems
  • Our Counselling Really Works
  • Flexible Appointment Times
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