Amima is committed to providing high quality services. This agreement outlines the terms of service provided by Amima to ensure that the welfare of our clients is protected along with enabling us to provide you with the highest level of client service and satisfaction.

Privacy and confidentiality for our clients is a priority. All information provided is kept
confidential. We will not disclose any information to any other person or agency without your
written permission. Except when we feel failure to disclose the information would place you or
someone else at risk. However, every effort would be made to discuss this with you prior to making
any disclosure.

We will make every effort to respond to a telephone call within 24 hours of receiving a call
(business days only).

We ask that all consultations be scheduled in advance. However, we do offer a drop-­?in service for
emergencies. These are short sessions designed to stabilise clients until more though counselling
or debriefing can occur.

All fees are to be paid at the time of consultation. We accept payment by cash, EFTPOS, Visa and

A cancellation policy has been established to ensure that we can provide services in a timely
manner to all clients. We will provide you with a tax invoice for this payment. If we are able to
re-­?book your appointment with another client then no cancellation fee will be charged.

If at any time you have concerns about the service you are receiving, please feel free to discuss
them with your counsellor.

Please sign and date this page to indicate that you have read the above information carefully and
accept these terms of service.

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