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Amima Counselling Brisbane was established to provide better access to counselling services for people in the Brisbane and Paddington area.

We engage with our clients and make them an integral part of the process, as a result we gain a greater understanding of our clients and they in turn understand that they are at the centre of the treatment. They feel welcomed and safe.

We seek to deliver a comprehensive service with excellence, competence, compassion and integrity.

The provision of a quality service is a responsibility that Narelle takes seriously and it is this passion that keeps us at the forefront of our industry, ensuring that our services and processes are the best available.

How Can Amima Help You?

When times get a bit difficult and you feel it is time to make some changes, seeking out an effective and reputable counselling service is a great idea.

However, it is difficult to sort through the services that can really make a difference and those places that might not be the right fit for you.

At Amima Counselling Brisbane we offer a discreet service where you will receive a genuinely friendly welcome and a very high quality service. Just check out our reviews and see what our clients say about us. Give us a ring and talk to one of our counsellors about your issues.

We offer a free 15-minute consultation over the phone. If we feel we are not the right service for you we will recommend one from our excellent referral network.

Our highly trained counsellors backed up by industry leading external supervision will ensure that your specific goals are addressed and a personal plan is made just for you.

Give us a try. We get results. Contact us today and start to improve your life immediately. It is time to reach your potential and not get held back by problems and unhealthy relationships.