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You don’t have to face these issues alone, Amima Counselling Brisbane can help. We are one of the best results focussed counselling services in Brisbane. Our expert Brisbane counsellors are highly qualified to get you the results that you need to improve you and your life.
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We Improve Lives

We deliver lasting results with real benefits for the real world. We provide our clients with the tools to defuse and prevent situations. We improve the lives of our customers, and the lives of those around them.

We’re Modern and Professional

We aim to remove the traditional stigma attached to receiving treatment for mental or emotional issues.

We Don’t Judge, We Evaluate

We don’t impose our own values, we help people realise their own value. We put in the time required to understand our clients and their needs.

We Use Proven Methods

We use the best evidence based methods available and keep abreast of new developments and treatment options.

We’re Inclusive and Welcoming

We engage with our clients and make them an integral part of the process. As a result of this approach we gain a greater understanding of our clients, and they in turn understand that they are at the centre of the treatment. They feel welcomed and safe.

What Can We Do For You?

We can make dramatic improvement in your life and help you with a wide range of issues and challenges. Make a change today.

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Are you struggling in your relationship? If so, you don’t have to face this issue alone. One of Amima’s relationship counsellors in Brisbane can help you.



Are you struggling with depression? Come and see a counsellor today and start to get on top of your depression once and for all.



Mindfulness is an excellent tool to help understand, tolerate and deal with emotions in healthy ways. We can alter our regular responses by taking pause and choosing how we act.



Anxiety only becomes a problem when it is out of proportion to the situation, when it often occurs in situations where there is no actual threat or danger.



TanyaC – I’ve been going to David at Amima for the last couple of months because of depression and motivation issues and I can honestly say that David has been great. He’s given me some direction in my life, and keeps me moving forwards. Even the other day when I was feeling pretty scattered, he still got me to focus on my goals and where I’m headed. I think I’ve still got awhile to go, but I hope with his guidance I can get to where I want to be. Plus the coffee is great!

Kadir K – David genuinely cares for his clients, is open, honest and personable. No problem is too big or small. Better than expected! Thank you, David!

Dee S – I have been seeing David from Amima counseling since April for stress and anxiety issues. I sought help when needing to cope with other people in my life who have mental illness, and the stress I have experienced relating to this. This has been both work and family related.

From the start David has made me feel at ease, he provided a non judgmental environment where I have felt I am able to discuss openly. Throughout this time David has provided various useful techniques to gain control of my anxiety, which I feel have helped me greatly.
His advise taught me effective methods for dealing with the people in my life, and I have seen an improvement with these relationships due to his help.

David has been extremely professional, but also warm and personal. I leave each session feeling as though I have solid ways of dealing with the problems I have been facing. I thank David for this, and would not hesitate to recommend him as a counselor to others.

Madeleine C – Narelle is amazing! I saw her for over a year and came from a very dark place to succeeding at university and moving on with my life. I never thought I would be well and I am the best I have ever been. If you’re someone that has been plagued by severe mental illness and is loosing hope… I highly recommend seeing Narelle and David.

Lena P – After years of putting off seeing a counsellor, I finally took the plunge and decided to get myself sorted. For my whole life I would have labeled myself as a worry wort and just someone who has a tendency to over think things. I would always think going to see a counsellor is just an overreaction and that I am fine. But I wasn’t…So I decided to get some guidance on how to cope with my stress ,anxiety better.

These reviews actually were the reason that I choose to see David. And the reviews do not lie! David is pretty awesome. He has been helping with overcoming my anxiety and also with the goals that I want achieve in my life. As I am also a student and the rates here are cheaper then an other that I came across in Brisbane. Thank-you google reviews!

Janelle White – I have worked alongside David Ferguson in the past and I found him to be one of the most genuine, empathic, passionate and outcome based therapists I have ever met or worked with. Evidence of this was mostly observed through the number of clients who would consistently return to see David, as well as the high number of clients who expressed gratitude to him for having helped, supported and walked alongside them through their troubled times, and then into their clearer waters. David’s faith in his client’s ability to change what they wish, and reach their potential, is one of his greatest strengths. I highly recommend him.

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