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Counselling Brisbane: Looking for a quality Brisbane counselling service?

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Struggling with Someone or Something in Your Life at the Moment?

You don’t have to face these issues alone, Amima Counselling Brisbane can help. We are one of the best results focussed counselling services in Brisbane. Our Brisbane counsellors are of a high quality due to their professional training and substantial experience of counselling.
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Anxiety only becomes a problem when it is out of proportion to the situation, when it often occurs in situations where there is no actual threat or danger.


Alcohol Problems

 If you find it difficult to stick to your limits, hard to stop drinking on a night out or you are worried about your drinking then it is time to get some expert advice.



Are you struggling in your relationship? If so, you don’t have to face this issue alone. One of Amima’s relationship counsellors in Brisbane can help you.


Gambling Addiction

Is your Gambling becoming a problem? If you have been gambling more than you can afford for too long then you may have a gambling addiction.



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Tanya C
Tanya C
I’ve been going to David at Amima for the last couple of months because of depression and motivation issues and I can honestly say that David has been great. He’s given me some direction in my life, and keeps me moving forwards. Even the other day when I was feeling pretty scattered, he still got me to focus on my goals and where I’m headed. I think I’ve still got awhile to go, but I hope with his guidance I can get to where I want to be. Plus the coffee is great!
Chase Tucker
Chase Tucker
After resigning from my third job in 2012 I decided to seek help from Amima. What I considered to be depression and anxiety driven by a lack of focus and direction had haunted me for long enough and I decided to take steps to remedy that. I walked out of our meetings feeling inspired with new ideas, and an acceptance that stress and anxiety have their place in life, but not in unreasonable quantities. I used my session as a way of cleaning my career slate and with the help of Amima I have gone to build my first business which is based around my passions of fitness and Adventure. I can’t thank Amima enough for fuelling the fire that enabled me to change my life and start an amazing successful business and a rewarding career training people to climb mountains. I have the best job on earth! Thank you so much for your help making this rewarding career change decision.
Rebecca Short
Rebecca Short
The care, attention and qualified support offered by Amima Counselling helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Their open, non-judgmental approach to counselling created a safe and comfortable environment which was reassuring. I’m so appreciative of the support and guidance I’ve received over the past year, and have been particularly thankful for the follow up offered outside of counselling sessions. If you’re looking for a quality counselling service in Brisbane with counsellors that really do care – I highly recommend Amima Counselling.
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